The trial has started – solidarity is more important than ever!

The trial

On Aug. 7, after being postponed twice, the trial for the riot in Harmanli started. The people charged are 21, although 11 are missing and therefore those present in court were only 10. This time they were brought in through the backdoor and earlier in order to avoid meeting our group trying to express solidarity.  Those who were in court today have been in detention for 2 years already without a sentence or a trial and are clearly the victims of a state and judicial system which is scapegoating them to set an example of its nationalist and racist border policies. More info on the trial and the story behind it can be found here.

One of the detainees interrupted the judge in court to state: “Why are you holding us, we were 2000 people on strike and you are putting just us 10 on trial?”

A self-organized group stood at the exit when the migrants were taken out, shouting „Freedom, Azadi, Свобода”, No nation, no border, fight law and order ,No one is illegal”, “Our passion for freedom is stronger than your prison”. The migrants greeted with fists in the air and victory signs before the riot van took them away.

A video of the action can be seen here.

What’s next?

The next session of the trial is set for 11.09.2018, 9,30AM. The encarcerated and trialled  migrants are almost alone against the machinery of the state and the Fortress Europe and every action in solidarity, in bulgaria or abroad,  has an enormous meaning. After the previous court hearing, they let us know that they are aware of the solidarity actions.  All actions and specifically those targeting the bulgarian state and its institutions abroad are of great importance now when the trial has started. We already heard from the court how “the trial is of a great public interest” and we have no doubt that they were referring to the solidarity shown here and abroad so far. In order to continue supporting the detained and put more pressure on the bureaucrats, we are starting a LETTER – WRITING CAMPAIGN. Let’s flood the detention centre with hundreds of letters!

How can you take part?

Write a letter in English and then translate it (with an automatic translator it is okay as well) in Farsi and Pashtu. Copy the letter 10 times for each one of the detainees and then put it in 10 different envelopes send it to each one of them separately. Talk to friends and comrades and organize even more people to do it! The more letters we send, the stronger the echo of our collective voice would be!


SDVNC – Lubimec, bul. Odrin 75, gr. Lubimec, oblast Haskovo, Bulgaria 6550

Full list of the names:

  1. Zabitullah Hotak
  2. Idris Babakarhel
  3. Ashikullah Babrak
  4. Fazel Ahmadzai
  5. Fahiman Safi
  6. Ali Reza Hudaidad
  7. Nasrullah Babahel
  8. Habibolrahman Mangal
  9. Kalandar Uafa
  10. Abdul Malek Ahmadzai

Freedom for the detained migrants!

Down with Fortress Europe!


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